Mistakes In Designing A Kitchen
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Top 5 Mistakes In Designing A Kitchen

Some people may think that designing a kitchen is as easy as pie. Well we can assure you that it is not the case at all and many, who try their hand at this, will surely agree! You may have the greatest quality of appliances, cupboards or countertops and a marvellous colour palette and still you may found that there is something wrong with the cooking area. We advise you to look at the most general décor mistakes where kitchens are concerned, before you do that facelift on your kitchen.

Mistakes to Avoid
Mistakes In Designing A Kitchen Poor Planning:

If you had started to decorate your kitchen before you had done proper planning, you will eventually end up with mistakes and you will be dissatisfied with your cooking zone. We advise you to consider your type of lifestyle and activities before you start to design your kitchen. This area should be a reflection of the way you live, the preferences of your family and the style you love to cook. If you should overlook these important pointers the “heart” of your home will not be comfortable. Other factors to take into account too, are maintenance and cleaning. If you love cooking large meals and baking you should opt for large countertops and some space to give you ample space to move around.

The Importance of the Kitchen Triangle:

Taking this aspect into consideration, the size of your kitchen does not matter. The area between your oven, refrigerator and sink are of major importance when planning your new kitchen. It should be in the right position, if you want something from the refrigerator that you won’t have to walk over the entire kitchen area to fetch it and back to the oven. Not only will it be very annoying, but you will be left with more cleaning to do afterwards.
Choosing Appearance over Functionality:

It is a human flaw to get so excited about the way your kitchen looks that you forget about the concept of functionality completely! Your cooking area should give you fast access and which is easy to clean. If the tiling and the elaborate wood cabinets just take your breath away, without giving a second thought to the entire layout of your new kitchen, you are on the wrong way of planning. When you buy your new appliances like a freezer and refrigerator think about the basics, like to which side does the door opens, if you want to place it near that marvelous cabinet and both opens to the same side … it just won’t work. It is up to you to find the right balance regarding both efficiency and aesthetics.

Mistakes In Designing A Kitchen

No Storage Place:

If you should feel that your cooking area is cluttered it can be one of two things: there is not enough storage space or it needs a spring cleaning. You should take care that there is ample space for all the bolts, bits and kitchen tools. If you opt for easy access and to display stylish décor, then go for open shelving which can be a great alternative.

Wrong Island – Positioned Wrong:

Kitchen islands are very stylish these days and can add that glamorous touch to the look of your kitchen. However, positioned wrong it can become a real nightmare. You should always remember that it is a working area in the first place. We advise you to remove everything that hinders your movement or gets in the way. Analyse your cooking area to eradicate such mistakes. If a kitchen island doesn’t work as a plus factor for your kitchen, just remove it or otherwise get a workable solution, for instance add either a sink or a stove to such an island and create for yourself the perfect kitchen triangle.

Improper Lighting:

Looking at lighting for your kitchen, only overhead lighting will be inefficient. A general mistake is placing the light behind you which will cast a shadow on the cooking area. The ideal position will be to place it in front. A great alternative can be lighting under the cabinets.

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