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How To Increase Home Worth With Simple & Minimalistic Design?

In recent years minimalism seems to take over the world of interior designing. More people are embracing a simpler lifestyle and it seems that to some less is best.

In general people decide to convert to this kind of lifestyle after a major event occurred in their lives or after they had moved to a new home. Often when people are busy with the packing process to relocate, they can see how many unnecessary stuff they have. If you want to switch and go minimal, here are some tips.

Getting Started:

Minimalism is not a synonym for easy at all! To be able to create a sophisticated home, without using a lot of things, can pose quite a challenge. We advise you to choose items that can provide both a practical and aesthetical purpose. Ideas like proportion and scale should be carefully considered. Opt for a few, but adequate details.

Balance Your Space:

Be alert regarding the rules of basic design, because you can’t use a lot of items. A mistake will show instantly. Aspire for proportion, balance and harmony. You have to arrange your furniture concerning its size, with the all-inclusive décor. If you just relocated you will have lots of things to unpack, but first think where you will place each item. The pieces or appliances should not be too big or small and be attentive to the weight of each room, visually. It is not necessary that everything in the décor have to match in achieving harmony, rather choose complementing pieces.
Going Neutral:

The trademark of minimalism is to use the neutral colour palette. You can use classic white; grey to beige while black will provide a stylish and polished look. However this is not a strict rule and a splash of a magnificent bright colour will provide a major focal point. You can also use some soothing earthy tones, if you don’t want to go too bold.

Choose Quality over Quantity:

This is the elemental wisdom behind the style of minimalism. To have a few but significant pieces in your home will lend character to your home. If you are relocating, get rid of all unnecessary stuff.

However, now that you don’t need to fill your space with a lot of stuff, invest in a few quality pieces. Such items will provide both an aesthetical & practical purpose. You can think of it as a museum display where each piece will stand out and will bring a special vibe to your house.

Use Details to Make a Statement:

The core of minimalism is in the small touches. Such small details offer richness without cluttering your space visually. These elements can include various sources like a particular pattern, texture or a plant.

Lighting plays a major role in the design of minimalism. Natural light is a great asset with this kind of décor. Remove the heavy drapes and let the sunshine into your home. We advise you to use fixtures with warm and mellow light.

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