Higher Ceiling Can Beautify Home
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Do You Know Higher Ceiling Can Beautify Home Easily?

You can’t stand to look at your low ceiling anymore? The good news is that there is not really something like a perfect home. So don’t fret any longer and the solution is to find a creative way to correct this imperfection. There is no need to move somewhere else, or to start with expensive renovations on your home. You can create an illusion of a higher ceiling with some clever tricks.

Create a Faux:

Do not paint the walls up to the ceiling; instead create a fake crown sculpture area in a similar colour as the ceiling. However, coving will require some dust cleaning now and again. In this way an illusion of a taller ceiling will be created and your cleaning chores will be reduced. Extend the colour in which your ceiling is painted down the wall a bit. Your top should be in a lighter shade which will blend in more easily with the décor and won’t attract attention. Use a high-gloss paint which will reflect more light to make it appear less stale.

Avoid Hanging Things:

Never hang anything from a low ceiling because it will appear even lower than it is. This is especially important for your lighting fixtures. Pendants and chandeliers will attract your attention towards the spot and your brain will only recognize the restricted space between the floor and chandelier. The room will look squashed and it is not easy to clean it.

Higher Ceiling Can Beautify Home

Long Curtains:

The curtains should be hanging from the ceiling to the floor which will emphasize the height which already exists. Use pattern draperies which will have an enhancing effect. Integrating dramatic and dark details at the curtain’s top will give you the same result. Stripes will always be a winning concept; otherwise you can try simple, figurative motifs. It is important to keep it in proportion.

Low Everywhere Else:

When you choose your furniture, opt for pieces and appliances which are horizontal and low. This will make the room feel more spacious immediately. Simple and small furniture with vertical lines will give the space which the low ceiling had taken away. A further hint is to keep the pieces at the same height.

Higher Ceiling Can Beautify Home

Focus on Vertical Display:

Here you have different choices, from the manner in which you organize the room to wallpaper with a vertical pattern. Take care how you display your artwork and other details in this space. A larger art piece should be hung higher than usual while you can arrange the smaller frames in a vertical group.

If you don’t like stripe patterns or heavy draperies you can use tall shelving, which will create the same look. However, think vertical when you decorate these shelves. Keep in mind that you will have to clean and dust regularly.

Shine a Light:

Light has a large effect on how you observe a room; therefore you should include lighting when you are decorating. The light will let the ceiling look higher. Here too you can choose different options which will blend in with your design, for instance inexpensive trochees, cove lighting or sconces.

Using these tips and tricks can help you to deal with the flaw of a low ceiling.

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